White sand beaches, swaying palm trees, cool ocean breeze, crystal clear blue water, lush tropical flowers, surfing, hiking, shopping and more. Not to mention… an endless summer. Does any of this make you think of paradise? Well, welcome to Hawaii where every day is paradise!

Whether you’re wanting to do something outdoors, looking to sit back and relax, take part in a sporting activity or just travel and explore, Hawaii has something for everyone. Each island has its own personality, attractions and beauty. If you are a surfer, windsurfer, diver or lover of nature and natural flowers Hawaii is a dream destination. Continue below to explore the many different islands of Hawaii and what they have to offer…


Oahu is the main island of Hawaii with the capital Honolulu and world famous Waikiki Beach where over 90% of the hotels are located. Click here to explore the island of Oahu.

The Big Island

The Big Island has some of the State’s most varied landscapes from lush tropical rain forest to volcanoes and snow capped mountains. Click here to explore The Big Island.


Maui is the second most visited and developed island in Hawaii with the famous windsurfers’ mecca, Hookipa beach. Click here to explore the island of Maui.


Molokai is called “the most Hawaiian Island”. If you’re looking for deserted beaches and eco tourism, travel to Molokai is a perfect choice for you. Click here to explore the island of Molokai.


Kauai offers a little bit of everything in a compact area: from scenic beaches to canyons and waterfalls. Click here to explore the island of Kauai.


Lanai is very small and beautiful island that has only three hotels and plenty of things to see. Click here to explore the island of Lanai.